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Invoice Financing is our specialty. With offices located across Australia, our team is equipped to help you with your invoice finance needs no matter the size of your business – big or small.

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Invoice Financing

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Invoice Financing provides a fast and affordable way to reclaim cashflow from your debtors. Allowing you to accelerate business growth.

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Debtor Insurance on Every Deal

Invoice Financing Australia will pay an agreed percentage of your invoice within 24-hours and insure your losses if a debtor becomes insolvent.

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Requirement: The client held an average of $25,000 in outstanding invoices due for payment.

Invoice Financing Australia reduced the outstanding invoice amount to just $5,000, providing an additional cashflow of $20,000. Cashflow which could now be spent on more important business uses.

Client Reduced Operating Expenses

Transport Operator

Requirement: The client maintained an overdraft to cover the lack of cashflow in their business due to late payers.

Invoice Financing Australia’s immediate payment of new invoices allowed the client to reduce their ongoing monthly payments associated with their overdraft further freeing up cashflow for business growth.

First Invoices Funded within 24-Hours

Coffee Distributor

Requirement: The client was finding it difficult to grow as they didn’t have the cash flow required to replenish stock levels.

Invoice Financing Australia provided immediate payment of invoices allowing the business to purchase fresh inventory facilitating rapid growth with no new customers needing to be turned away.

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From $5k to $5 Million

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  • What is invoice financing?

    Invoice financing is a fairly simple concept when you break it down.  As a business you issue invoices to customer for products or services you have provided. These are essentially assets on your company ledger. The total amount owing to your business via your outstanding invoices can be bought or sold just like any other asset your business owns.

    Essentially, the way invoice financing works is you are selling your outstanding invoices as an asset at a discounted rate to a third party (such as Invoice Financing Australia). The benefit for your company is you get paid immediately for your product or services provided and can use that cash flow back in your business right away.

  • How do I know if I qualify?

    What is great about invoice financing is that almost all business are suitable and able to use this type of cash-flow finance.

    If you operate a business which provides credit to your customers (i.e. you deliver a product or service to your clients and issue an invoice for payment), then you’re a good fit for invoice finance. 

  • How long does it take to get paid for an invoice?

    At Invoice Financing Australia we have a dedicated team who work hard to get invoices paid quickly so you can get on with more important things in your business. If an invoice is sent to our team for payment you can expect payment into your nominated account within 24-hours.

  • How long does the application process take?

    We have a fast and simple online application process. Simply complete the simple form on our website (5-minutes) and you will have an offer tailored to your business within a few hours (during business hours).

  • What is the maximum finance amount?

    At Invoice Financing Australia we service business across Australia both big and small. We have invoice finance solutions putting cash-flow back into businesses ranging from $5,000 up to $5 Million.

  • How much does invoice financing cost?

    Invoice Financing is not treated like a conventional business loan with regular weekly or monthly payments. Instead, Invoice Financing Australia will fund your business in advance against your invoice value. 80% of the invoice value is funded on the invoice issue date with the remaining 20% paid back to your business (minus a small administration fee) when the invoice is paid in full.

    The total cost of the administration fee for providing the capital up front varies from client to client depending on total capital required and the individual businesses invoice payment terms. However, be aware it is generally a far lower cost and strain on cashflow than other traditional short-term funding options.

  • Do I need to provide any security?

    No. The outstanding invoices for your business are all the security that is required. This is why invoice financing can be a great choice to conventional funding options that can require you to put down large assets as security (such as the family home).

Flexible Invoice Financing From $5,000 to $5 Million

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